Brain Coach – Memory Games

Brain training application based on scientific reports – exercise your cognitive skills: memory, concentration and reaction time. We prepared a set of memory games across different categories to boost your brainpower and improve your cognitive skills. Collect neuropoints, achieve new levels in memory games and collect badges. Take advantage of training profiles that can help you improve skills you need the most. After every played mind game read facts about human brain. Learn more about diet, activities and good habits that helps your mind. Use it regularly to get the best results. Boost your neuroplasticity and cognition. Follow your potential.
• Cognitive training fundamentals: brain plasticity (neuroplasticity)
? Brain’s ability to change at any age. Scientists are certain that the brain continually adjusts and reorganizes. Want to be an Einstein? Your brain health is in your hands. Exercise your mind. Use brain plasticity to improve your brainpower!

• Features:
* 8 brain games for cognitive skills like concentration, memory and reaction time
* brain training difficulty progression
* No limits for daily memory games
* Totally free lumosity alternative
* Training profiles: memory improvement, concentration and reaction time

• Brain Coach games and brain exercises:
* Cards (Concentration and short-term memory improvement)
* Arrows (Reaction time and concentration improvement)
* Envelopes (Long-term memory improvement)
* Match tiles
* Find object
* Luminosity
* Numbers
* Segregation
* Einstein puzzles

A few minutes a day spend on our brain exercise and cognitive games gives you an opportunity to develop and improve your brainpower! Try Brain Coach. Be an Einstein!

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