Nyheim – Digital Pandemic Board Game

”A pandemic has pushed my children to the brink of extinction. But humanity will not go into the night. They will fight, they will rebuild, they will nurse me back to health. And I will give them a new home.”

– The city of Nyheim

Nyheim is a digital single-player board game about rebuilding society after a pandemic. Lead the efforts with a party of survivors. Roll dice, play cards, manage your supplies, complete tasks and avoid threats of the post-pandemic city. Make Nyheim the new home of humanity!

”Board games are fun. Cards and dice are fun. So why abandon those just because your media is digital?”
– Jesse Passoja, designer

”A perfect game to chill out and listen some podcasts!”
– Pekka Rihko, a fan

Nyheim fuses the approachable gameplay and aesthetics of a board games to the easy useability of digital games to a strangely captivating experience.
Procedurally generated dice and card-based gameplay
Single-player permadeath game
Unlockable aspects of Nyheim
Multiple endings, both good and bad

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