Nintendo New 3DS XL


With the 3DS XL launch, Nintendo managed to release one of the best handheld gaming systems to the market. Being an enhanced version of the famous 3DS model, the new console features a larger 4.88-inch screen with better 2D and 3D image quality. New face-tracking 3D feature tracks the position of your eyes with a special sensor for adjusting the visual effects and animations to your point of view and providing an even more game-immersive experience. Moreover, together with the built-in camera, this feature allows you to create 3D movies and take 3D photos for sharing with other users.

A more powerful CPU of this new portable game system by Nintendo enables faster games loading and running 3DS XL exclusive games while the newly added analogue C-stick and control buttons make interaction with gaming characters even more exciting.

Larger screen with better 3D and 2D image quality;
Faster game loads and exclusive titles enabled by more powerful CPU;
More control options with two sets of back buttons: ZR/ZL and L/R.

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