Sony MHC-V50D Home Audio System Review

While portable speakers are high on functionality and some offer terrific audio quality there’s a sense of something amiss when listening to music on them. Of course, they serve the purpose but aren’t there times when you’re hosting friends for a party and you wish to have something more powerful, like a good audio system. Sony has been actively pushing out quality audio systems for a while now. A few months back we reviewed the MHC-V44D audio system by Sony and were suitably impressed by its performance. When another audio system by Sony — MHC-V50D – landed at our desk, we were keen to see how it performs , considering its price tag of Rs 33,990.
Was it better than Sony’s MHC-V44D? And is it really worth a buy for the music lover in you? Read the rest of our review to find out.


The MHC-V50D Home Audio System is a portable tower speaker dressed in black and looks strikingly similar to its predecessor MHC-V44D. The top section of the speaker has an illuminated control panel with touch keys while the lower section houses about an 8-inch woofer, along with dual 3-inch mid unit and two 1.5-inch tweeters.
A closer look at the top section and you realise that there are a number of ways in which music can be played on the audio system. Sony’s MHC-V50D Home Audio System offers a plethora of options, including CDs, DVDs, FM Radio, HDMI, and USB flash drives.
There’s also the option to connect the system to a compatible device via an aux-input cable. Just in case, you don’t have an aux-input cable handy, the audio system can be connected via Bluetooth or NFC. This was our most preferred option to play music on our review unit of the MHC-V50D speaker.

If you are in the mood to reprise Gloria Gaynor’s classic “I Will Survive” or Radiohead’s “Creep”, the speaker can be used for karaoke. However, you will need to connect it to a TV and pop in a karaoke DVD in the audio system. That sounds a bit tedious, isn’t it? Don’t fret as there is the option of connecting it through Bluetooth and croon along karaoke videos on YouTube.

All the Eddie Van Halen wannabes – people who play the electric guitar can also plug in their six-string to the MHC-V50D. This is a feature that wasn’t there on the MHC-V44D.
The audio system’s top panel comes with a number of buttons that can be used to perform a number of functions. Budding DJs in the house would seriously fall for this audio system. The touchscreen buttons include Fiesta, Sound Field, Mega Bass, Record to USB, Football, Flanger, Isolator, Party Chain, and more.
Just like Sony MHC-V44D, there is a spin pan that is placed right in the middle of all these buttons. However, there is a difference between the top panels of MHC-V44D and MHC-V50D. The buttons on MHC-V50D’s top panel are touchscreen and back-lit, and it definitely makes the home audio system look snazzier. Also, the fact that they are back-lit would come handy when one is trying to operate it in dark.
In terms of design and aesthetics, the MHC-V50D home audio system has a lot going for it. It has a sturdy built and an appealing design that makes its presence felt.


Sometimes what happens with gadgets is that they look impressive but often disappoint when it comes to performance. Sony MHC-V50D suffers from no such issues. If we impressed us with it its looks, its performance spoke volumes (pun unintended) about the overall product quality. As mentioned earlier, our preferred mode of listening to music was via Bluetooth and there weren’t any problems at all.

The sound output was simply excellent. We let the audio system loose and played it at really high volume and it handled the high decibels with utmost ease and quality of sound didn’t deteriorate. The consistency in terms of sound quality and volume level was impressive.

Bass and treble were equally good and shared remarkable consistency. In fact, bass lovers should try pressing the mega bass button on the speaker’s top panel – the sound quality it yields is really stirring.
Even while playing on low and medium volume, the sound quality was clear and consistent.
Compared to Sony MHC-V44D, the experience on MHC-V50D was definitely better in several aspects. The sound quality was clearer and the good bass and treble just added to the experience.
Since woofer and tweeters are all placed one below the other, the sound output from the music speaker may seem unidirectional especially when the speaker will be used in spacious surroundings.
As, even in a small-sized room we could feel a difference in the sound output while standing on either sides of the speaker vis-a-vis when we stood in front of it.

There are a number of modes that one can try with the audio system. Like we mentioned earlier, Mega Bass enhances the bass in the music and when we pressed Vocal Fader, we could enjoy music more than vocals of the song. Similarly, when we pressed Fiesta, we could hear an echo-like effect. There are a number of other options too that one can try.

A feature that caught our eye were the party lights in the audio system. It isn’t a new feature, as it was present in MHC- V44D, but it nevertheless makes even more appropriate for a party. There are Blue and Green coloured LED lights that can be switched on and off according to people’s preferences.

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