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100 floors game cheat and walkthrough levels (91 - 100)

100 floors game cheat and walkthrough levels (91 - 100)

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03 Oct, 2012 02:06 AM

This is an unofficial Walkthrough guide or game play cheat for the popular iOS puzzle game, "100 Floors". Enjoy simple and easy to understand step by step guide on how to complete level 91-100. To help you understand the steps better a game play video has been included in this article.  

There are many free game play cheats available for 100 Floors. But, this one is surely different from the rest. You will know more once you go through it completely.

100 Floors Walkthrough – (Level 91 – 100)

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100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 91

1.      Take the brush

2.      Rub the right side of down corner

3.      Change the colors according to sequence as it is below:

            BROWN          BLUE          DARK BLUE

            GREEN            PINK            YELLOW 


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 92

To complete this level follow the steps of arrow direction below:

1.      Put upward on 1st row and 1st column

2.      Put right direction on 1st row and 2nd column

3.      Put upward on 2nd row 1st column

4.      Put downward on 2nd row and 2nd column


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 93

Here you will get 2 digit numbers 93. 1st try to complete the digit 9 and then will try for number 3.

1.      Hold left button for 9 sec and release it

2.      Hold right button for 7 sec and release it

3.      Again Hold the right button for 3 sec and release it


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 94

Follow the direction of focus of light.

Direction From left to right: 

Try to connect the focus of light to each other in opposite direction.

1.      Make a cross sign of 2 lights by putting focus.

2.      For 3rd one, make a straight line by putting focus on each other.


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 95

Tap on the buttons to change the colors and follow the arrangement for specified colors in proper place:

     GREEN          GREEN          GREEN

   YELLOW        GREEN          YELLOW

     GREEN          GREEN          GREEN


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 96

Follow the steps.

1.      Fill the top space by adding horizontal line from above door.

2.      Take the symbol from right upper side of door, make it into “T” symbol and fix below the horizontal line.

3.      Take the square symbol from right side of door and fix to the lower part of “T” symbol.

4.      Take the symbol from left side lower corner of door and make it into “Z” symbol. Then fix below the square.

5.      Remaining one make the shape according to availability of space.


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 97

1.      Select the knife from toolbar and cut the balloon.

2.      Take the paper and join into slated paper on the top of the door. (After damaging the balloon you will get one paper from left side of door).

3.      Select the number box (down of door) and make it 3  5  7  7.


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 98

1.      Select the brush and rub to left side down corner of door.

2.      Enter the number  5  2  3  7  5

3.      Press enter.


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 99

For this level follow the steps properly and try to concentrate on operation of music.

1.      Double click home button to open multitasking and select music option.

2.      Foreword the song little bit.

3.      Double click home button and select 100 floors app.

4.      Then automatically (+) plus button will appear between 1st three digits (Top of the door).

5.      Press multiple (*) symbol then press equal (=) sign.

6.      Again press multiple (*) button.

7.      Double click on home button and select music option, then scroll the song to backward

8.      Double click home button and select 100 floors app, then Subtraction (-) sign will appear between 5 digits. Automatically door will open.


100 Floors Walkthrough – Level 100

In this level 4 rows are there with 8 windows on each row. Here you have to change the position of windows.

1.      Pull the 1st window towards right direction of 1st row.

2.      Pull the 3rd window towards right direction of 2nd row.

3.      Pull the 5th window towards right direction of 3rd row.

4.      Pull the 6th window towards right direction of last row.



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