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Top 20 Most Anticipated iOS Games of 2013

Top 20 Most Anticipated iOS Games of 2013

By Editor

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22 Jan, 2013 03:41 AM

Below, are 20 games that we think will be serious contenders for Pocket Gamer Awards.

Star Command

By War Balloon Games - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android in January 2013

This Game Dev Story-esque simulation was originally supposed to be released back in 2011, but various delays have meant it'll be docking in January 2013, instead.

In this lovely-looking title, you create your very own starship captain; construct and customise a unique vessel for him to pilot; and set off across space on 17 different missions.

Real Racing 3

By FireMonkeys - coming to iPhone and iPad in February 2013


If Real Racing 3 is anywhere near as good as its Platinum Award-winning predecessor, we'll have an extremely shiny gem on our hands when it's released.

FireMonkey's sequel will arrive on the iOS circuit packing improved graphics, real-world tracks, new cars, and a larger Campaign mode.

Download Real Racing 3 from iTunes

Space Hulk
By Full Control - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

In this Warhammer 40,000 spin-off, you and a squad of hardened Space Marine Terminators are pitted against against waves of alien baddies called Genestealers.

Your aim is to overcome these threats and search abandoned freighters for valuable artefacts and powerful pieces of technology.

Ace Attorney HD
By Capcom - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

Ace Attorney HD is a compilation that features three of the Nintendo DS's most impressive titles: Phoenix Wright, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations.

In these award-winning hits, you're tasked with using evidence and your cross-examination skills to prove the innocence of a variety of clients.

Final Fantasy IV

Square Enix - coming to Android in early 2013

In 2007, Square Enix released a revamped edition of classic turn-based SNES RPG Final Fantasy IV on Nintendo's DS. This Android title is an enhanced port of said remake.

FF IV is one of the best instalments in Square Enix's acclaimed franchise. Its dramatic plot and interesting characters make sure of that.

Download Final Fantasy IV from iTunes

By Cornfox & Bros. - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

We've had a close eye on Oceanhorn ever since it was unveiled. Its über-colourful graphics and charming soundtrack are to die for.

There are plenty of action-RPGs on the App Store, but this is probably the closest you're ever going to get to a full-3D Zelda-esque title on the iPhone and iPad.

Infinity Blade Dungeons
By Chair Entertainment - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

Chair Entertainment's forthcoming slasher isn't like its predecessors. At all. In fact, this Unreal Engine-powered sequel is more Diablo than Punch-Out!!

Don't expect to be battling your way to the evil God King, either. Your aim in this title is to craft the infamous Infinity Blade.

By Johnny Two Shoes - coming to iPhone and iPad in the near future

Prevail is a side-scrolling action game that features an intriguing mix of Scribblenauts-style graphics and Grand Theft Auto-style gameplay.

Basically, your objective is to jack UFOs and blow stuff up en route to rescuing your friends, who've been abducted by pesky otherworldly beings.


By Frogmind - coming to iPhone and iPad in February 2013

The first thing you'll notice about this physics-based side-scroller is its Limbo-esque visuals: they're ruddy gorgeous, to say the least.

Badland is the creation of ex-RedLynx duo Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys, who both worked on Xbox 360 hit Trials Evolution, as well as MotoHeroz.

Download Badland from iTunes

Siegecraft TD - Lizardmen
By Blowfish Studios - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

Last year, Blowfish Studios released the action-packed Siegecraft. It looked outstanding, but its gameplay left a lot to be desired.

The Australia-based developer is now working on a tower defence title set in the Siegecraft universe. Blowfish is hoping it'll end up being the "best-looking 3D tower defence game on iOS".

Year Walk

By Simogo - coming to iPhone and iPad this winter

Beat Sneak Bandit and Bumpy Road creator Simogo is currently working on a 2D adventure title all about folklore, strange creatures, and the occult.

Year Walk is set in Sweden during the 19th century. In the game, you're tasked with opening rifts and bending dimensions in order to understand the strange events that occurred on New Year's Eve.

Download Year Walk from iTunes

Fist of Awesome
By Nicoll Hunt - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android this winter

Fist of Awesome is a humour-filled Double Dragon-style side-scrolling beat-'em-up from Nicoll Hunt, who developed iOS and Android puzzler Hard Lines.

According to Hunt, this pixel-art brawler is the only iOS title in which a grizzly bear punches you square in the chops. What more do you need to know?

Sentinel 4: Dark Star
By Origin8 - coming to iPhone and iPad in Q1 2013

Sentinel 3: Homeworld nabbed an impressive Gold Award at review, so we can't wait to delve into its follow-up, which is expected to go live on the App Store in Q1 2013.

Details about Sentinel 4 are currently a little scarce, but we do know that it will be set on a distant alien planet and will contain 20+ levels.

Aralon 2
By Crescent Moon Games - coming to iPhone and iPad late 2013

It's early days for this sequel to Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Gameplay details are virtually non-existent, and we don't even know the upcoming game's proper name.

Still, another high-quality 3D action-RPG for our mobile devices can't be a bad thing.

Banana Kong

By FDG Entertainment - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

Banana Kong is another fantastic-looking title from the brains behind Blueprint 3D and Cover Orange. Just LOOK at those visuals in the video above.

In this Donkey Kong Country-style endless-runner, you take control of a cuddly ape, who must run, jump, and ride animals through the jungle while collecting fruit.

Download Banana Kong from iTunes

By Luma Arcade - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android in 2013

Once again, we know very little about this title. Why are we interested in it, then? Well, it boasts some of the best visuals we've ever seen on a mobile device.

Also, the game is going to be a multi-platform and cross-genre experience. It will be available on high-end PCs and consoles, as well as on social networks and mobile devices.

Chaos Domain
By Holy Warp - coming to iPhone and iPad in Q1 2013

There aren't enough side-scrolling shooters on the App Store, which is why we're pleased that Holy Warp is working on a Contra-style title for the iPhone and iPad.

Chaos Domain will feature 30 stages of classic run-and-gun gameplay, and a whole bunch of upgradable weapons.

Danmaku Unlimited 2

By Doragon Entertainment - coming to iPhone and iPad in 2013

This sequel to acclaimed bullet-hell shooter Danmaku Unlimited takes place shortly after the events of its predecessor.

Danmaku Unlimited 2 is packed to the rafters with five frantic stages and giant boss battles. The new in-house engine that powers this game allows Doragon to pump out HD visuals at 60 frames per second.

Download Danmaku Unlimited 2 from iTunes

The Harvest
By Luma Arcade - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android in 2013

Windows Phone 7 title The Harvest is an action-RPG that takes place on a planet ravaged by a destructive alien civilisation, who use humans to create cyborgs.

As you make your way through each area of this game, you'll have to defeat waves of invaders and giant bosses, and find hidden items and upgrades.

The Other Brothers

By Tobgame - coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android in 2013

The Other Brothers has the potential to be the best mobile platformer of 2013. Seriously.

Its levels aren't linear, you see. Each stage is actually more like a maze that spans multiple levels. So, you have to climb ladders and drop down shafts to progress.

Download The Other Brothers from iTunes

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